D'Elegance Pleasures

Be Your Own Boss:

You can achieve financial and personal success selling D’Elegance Pleasures products.

Your earning potential is unlimited! You’ll make money hosting parties on your own time, but you’ll also meet interesting new friends and help women feel sexy and confident.

You don’t have to be a Sales Rep, Consultant or Distributor, or make any sales quotas. There are no kits to buy and no recruiting requirements. As your own boss, you sell what your schedule allows: sell on your downtime, your weekends, on free nights, or just to a core group of your favorite girlfriends. Sell products at your leisure… give a catalog to customers and let them order on their own time… or, host a party from the comfort of your own home or your friend’s house!

Building your own romance/home party business is financially rewarding, lots of fun and much easier than you may think. We have carefully selected approximately 100 frisky and fun lifestyle products that will enhance anyone’s sex life. You can host parties and grow your business by yourself, or hire employees as your sales and profits explode. Regardless of education, geographical location or business experience, selling D’Elegance Pleasures products will help you bring in extra income!

Getting Started:

Unlike many home party companies, you do not need to buy an expensive ‘starter kit’ or stock merchandise at your home. All you need is our catalog to pass out to your friends and family, and you’re in business! However, there are starter kits available if you would like to purchase but they are not mandatory to get started.

If you already have experience in adult home parties, using our catalog as a sales tool (remember, you set your own prices) will drive profits home. The D’Elegance Pleasures Catalog is full-color, glossy, upscale, and simply gorgeous! Plus, it’s categorized into several product lines (like Toys for Your Man, Bachelorette, Fetish Fantasy and more) which makes flipping through the pages simple.

You’ll be able to use our catalog at your own sales parties, just as if it’s your own personal product catalog. Customers will appreciate this professional publication that allows you to put all your contact and ordering information on the back page (again, as if it’s your catalog exclusively!). Simply order as many catalogs as you need, and we’ll send them directly to you.

D’Elegance Pleasures, The Home Party Catalog company, needs a few things from prospective retailers. To find out how you can start selling D’Elegance Pleasures products, complete the information request form on our Contact Us page (provide link that sends them to the contact page). Our representatives will contact you immediately to set up your retailer account. You’ll then be able to access our entire catalog online, place orders, and even order products not listed in our catalog!

Be Your Own Boss

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